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Many have said: “Every student should have a teacher like Mr. Boyle.” Former students and colleagues of Richard Boyle have created what we feel is an appropriate memorial to this beloved teacher: a financial award to a special graduating senior from Schreiber High School in Port Washington, NY, the town where he taught generations of students in his 34 years of teaching.
The first Richard L. Boyle Memorial Award of $2,222 was presented June 10th, 2009 at the Schreiber Senior Awards Ceremony to Hanbeak Lee. Hanbeak was selected by the Math Department with assistance from the Guidance Department. He came to this country just a few years ago and has distinguished himself in many areas, including math, music, the arts, sports and student government. Congratulations, Hanbeak!
We now have a Remember Mr. Boyle page on Facebook. If you are a Facebook member, please search for the page and become a fan. We already have over 100 fans, many of whom have written touching reminiscences on the page.
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The Memorial page contains the description of the award and the selection criteria to be used by the school faculty to choose the recipient. We are proud to announce that the Award was officially approved by the Port Washington School Board at their December 16th, 2008 meeting. We have already received $3,708 in donations as of June 10th, 2009. We covered our first award, and are well on the way towards next year’s. All contributions greatly appreciated.
The Donate page contains details on how to support this very worthy cause. Anyone who treasures teaching should consider giving a donation to support the award. Please help spread the word. Feel free to copy the information and send it to other potential supporters.
The News page contains news of interest to our Remember Mr. Boyle community. You can (should!) subscribe to our News Announcements list there, too. You will receive e-mails with the News Announcements. This will be our primary way of distributing information, so please subscribe. You can also read Announcements sent previously.
See the Stories page to read what former students and colleagues have written and to submit a story of your own.
Read his official Obituary at this page.
For fun, click here on Label to see label designs for our very own mythical beverage, Mr. Boyle’s Square Root Beer.
This site is dedicated to the memory of Richard Boyle, who taught mathematics in the Port Washington, NY school system for 34 years. This marvelous teacher passed away in May of 2008 at the age of 71, a prime number.
This picture is from the Sousa Junior High School yearbook of 1969.
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