Memories of Mr. Boyle
Math Class  
by  Barbara Gary and Julie Seeger
Created and performed in 9th Grade, 1970/71
[sung to the tune of “Blue Moon”]
Math class, I used to feel so alone
Without a formula to start,
I could not solve one unknown
Mr. Boyle, you knew just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
A formula I really could care for
Suddenly there appeared before me: Y=mx+b
I heard somebody whisper, “Use it when in doubt”
And when i tried, the answer equaled 3!
[segue: to the tune of  "My Favorite Things”]
Radical Equations and Quadratic Formulas
Algebraic Solutions to Quadratic Equations,
Graphing and solving for x or for y,
these are a few of my favorite things….
[segue: to the tune of  "I Got Rythm"]
Logarithim, logarithim, logarithim,
Who could ask for anything more?!
[segue: to the tune of  "When the Saints Come Marching In"]
But when the log, (when the log!)
Comes marching in, (marching in!)
Oh when the log comes marching in,
I want to be the one to anti-log it (anti-log it!)
When the log comes marching in!
[segue back to “Blue Moon”]
So Math Class, now I’m no longer alone,
There isn't one known unknown
That I can't solve on my own.
The “Math Class” Song
Wednesday, December 10, 2008