Memories of Mr. Boyle
Keeping Up My Notebook for Mr. Boyle.
I think that bic banana pens were invented for the purpose of getting extra credit in Mr. Boyle's class.
Being the average student that I was, I relied on my clear and colorful notebook at the end of the term to get me over the top and do "well" in Mr. Boyle's class.
My handwriting improved as a result of a math class.
I also had the pleasure of having Mr. Boyle for homeroom.  This was a great treat and a wonderful place to start your jr. high day.
Here is hoping that I get some extra credit on my report today.   Mr. Boyle will be missed, as I missed his wisdom when I went on to high school.
Robert Raduazzo
Keeping Up My Notebook
Tuesday, July 8, 2008